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Infinity Voucher is a gift voucher platform that offers gift vouchers which can be personalized, redeemed in multiple outlets and in multiple occasions. This is clearly the best gift voucher since traditional gift vouchers are restricted to one outlet, has to be used in one occasion and cannot be personalized. We would also re-issue the voucher in case the recipient of the voucher loses it. 

The voucher can be gifted as an e-voucher (through email) or in high quality printed form. An Infinity Voucher can be redeemed in a range of merchant outlets covering clothing, hotels, restaurants, spas, etc. A voucher is valid for 3 years from the day of its issue!

Have you faced these Gift Voucher Problems?

  • Receiving a gift voucher from an outlet that you don’t shop
  • Presenting a gift voucher from an outlet without knowing whether the person shops there
  • The entire amount of a voucher card has to be used in one occasion
  • If a voucher card is lost, it cannot be recovered
We are here to present you a solution for one of the above….in fact,
All of the above problems!

We offer,

  • Redeem your voucher from a range of outlets
  • The recipient of the voucher (giftee) can decide where to redeem from
  • The voucher can be used in multiple amounts from multiple outlets
  • If the recipient/giftee loses the voucher, a copy can be obtained by the gifter

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