Enjoy infinite happiness with the Infinity Voucher.

A gift voucher is our favorite go-to when we’re buying gifts.

They can be lifesavers when we’re looking for a gift for a friend’s birthday, for newlyweds starting a new home, or even an anniversary gift for a couple. They are also perfect as corporate gifts and pool-in gifts. 

But having been on the receiving end of vouchers, we’ve noticed a few setbacks that make us hesitate before buying one.

We sometimes feel like traditional gift vouchers actually limit a person from enjoying it.

A gift voucher should ideally give freedom, flexibility and absolute convenience. And that’s exactly what we are here to do.

We have addressed the most common gift voucher problems and come up with a new product that makes the experience better for everyone.

A gift tailored for you

At some point in our lives, we’ve all received vouchers to places we don’t regularly visit. (or don’t visit at all!)

When that happens, we can’t help feeling obligated to go to the outlet anyway.

Then we end up getting something even if it doesn’t match our taste, just to avoid wasting the voucher.

What Infinity Voucher offers is a simple alternative to this. It gives the opportunity to redeem the voucher  at any one of our partner merchants.

Our current partner network has over 10 merchants onboard and we are planning to expand this network rapidly.

The best part is that these merchants range from hotels and spas, to gyms and clothing outlets.

By offering a wide variety of options, Infinity Voucher guarantees a gift that suits your preferences.

Freedom to choose the perfect gift

Buying gifts for people whose tastes we don’t know isn’t easy. Plus, we might have friends who are really picky.

The gifts we give with the intention of putting a smile on their faces might end up not suiting them at all.

One of the perks of gifting someone with an Infinity Voucher is that you give them the freedom to choose.

Receiving an Infinity Voucher can be the perfect opportunity to buy a shirt that catches your eye, or sign up for that gym membership you’ve always been planning on.

It might be even be the perfect chance to take that much needed holiday at a fabulous hotel.

A gift that keeps on giving

On top of the freedom to choose, Infinity Voucher also comes with the freedom to carry the balance forward.

In simple terms you can spend the infinity voucher in parts.  

When we can’t find things that we like for the full amount of the voucher, we usually end up picking out candy or small pieces of jewelry from the store to make up the remaining amount.

However, the amount of an Infinity Voucher doesn’t need to be redeemed all at once. This means that after picking out what you want from one outlet, you can move on to the next. If you want to extend your shopping spree to a few extra days, you can do just that. 

Since the choices are so widespread, it’s just a matter of picking out what you like the best.

With Infinity Voucher, there’s no need to settle for purchases that don’t match your tastes perfectly.

Take your gift voucher with you

Physical vouchers can be lost, damaged, or we might simply forget to bring them with us when we’re going out.

On the other hand, a recipient of an Infinity Voucher faces none of these risks.

If the Infinity Voucher is lost, a copy can be obtained from the gifter or the company.

An added bonus is that Infinity Vouchers can be presented in electronic form. This means it can be stored in your smartphone and directly presented to an outlet.

With an Infinity Voucher, buying on impulse becomes easier. You don’t need to remember to carry a voucher around in case you see something you like.

As long as you have your electronic Infinity Voucher, you can purchase anything from their partner outlets at any time.

Customize your gift voucher and show that you care

Buying a gift means that you care about a person enough to give them something. But if this gift is a voucher, chances are that it will look the same as a thousand other vouchers from the same outlet.

By customizing the design of an Infinity Voucher, it gives us what we all want in a gift—a personal touch.

A personalized Infinity Voucher lets you select a color/design template, add a photo collage with photos of your choice, and write down a message.

This way, Infinity Voucher shows the love and care that was put into selecting the gift.

Everybody loves getting gift vouchers, and the Infinity Voucher is the best version of it!

Stand a chance to be rewarded with a Rs. 5,000 Infinity Voucher on your Birthday!