The five problems we wish gift vouchers didn’t have.

Gift vouchers are easy gifts to give. Whether you are in search of a birthday present, a gift for a wedding or anniversary gifts, it is an excellent choice.

Let’s first look at why we love gift vouchers.

They are super convenient

Only gift vouchers give us the luxury of buying a present in less than five minutes. We only have to make two decisions, both very straightforward  

[What store we want to visit & how much we want the voucher to be valued at] 

This saves time, energy and a lot of confusion.

They offer value for money

Since the store and the value of the gift vouchers will be based solely on our decision we are settling for a deal that we are comfortable with.


traditional gift vouchers aren’t among the favorite gifts people like to receive. 


Even though they are convenient and reasonable gifts to give, they are not always the best ones.

Here are a few problems we all wish traditional gift vouchers didn’t have.

1. Well… I don’t really shop at this store. But, thank you anyway. 

We all have our individual preferences. Whether it is to do with where we shop, eat or relax, we have our favorite stores, hotels and spas.

Most often, once we settle on our choices, we don’t like to change them. This is unless another brand offers something better than we are currently experiencing.

A very simple examples is work attire. If you know how hard it is to find the perfect work clothes, you know what we mean.

Once you find that shop that has the perfect white shirt with the kind of collar you like and the right kind of buttons, you’d never go anywhere else.

So getting a gift voucher from a clothes store where you don’t shop at would be a complete bummer.

2. Well…Does she like visiting this place? Ah maybe, she does. 

This is the flip side of problem number 1. As much as we hate getting a voucher from a place we don’t visit, it is worse when you give someone a voucher that they can’t use.

The entire point of giving a person a gift is to make their life better. To give them the opportunity to treat themselves to things they like.

Giving a voucher and realizing that they never used it, won’t be a good situation to deal with.

This especially true when giving gifts to people you are very close with.

3. Can I use my gift voucher in parts? (or do I have to use it all up in one day!)

If you’ve ever received a gift voucher, this is definitely something that you can relate to.

Going to the store, picking out a few things that are worth a fraction of the voucher and wondering what to do with the rest of the money…

This happens very often when you can’t find enough things you like at the store you visit. The only solution to is to buy anything, something, just to get the transaction done.

4. Where did my gift voucher go?

When it’s your birthday, anniversary, wedding or the holiday season you are bound to get a few gift vouchers. At least our experience has been such.

You check out the expiration date and realize that there is no rush. “I will use this voucher some day”

However, when you actually decide to use the voucher you sometimes hit a blank wall.

“Where did my gift voucher go?”

If you’ve lost it, there is no getting it back with traditional gift vouchers.

5. Can you get more impersonal than this?

This is an accusation most people have heard at least once in their lives.  And realistically, there is some truth to it.

I mean you don’t really put any thought or effort to getting a gift voucher.  A hundred or more people can get the same gift voucher, that looks the same and feels the same. There is nothing personal or special about a traditional gift voucher.

If you are able to customize it to make it convey a message,  even maybe transform it to a present and a greeting card in one, the game might actually change.

So while gift vouchers are great gifts, they also come with a few areas that need improvement.

Any other problems you see in traditional gift vouchers? Let us know!

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