The hidden drawbacks of giving cash as a gift.

Gift giving is no easy task. When thinking of a great gift to give our loved ones, we have to go the distance.

It takes a lot of patience and commitment.  Therefore, it is no surprise that most of us resort to taking the easy way out.

What’s the easiest gift to give a person?

It has got to be cash.

And if we are being completely honest, none of us really complain if we receive cash as a gift. We sometimes even consider it as a great gift.

We all love getting some extra money…but do we value it as a gift? is it memorable? 

This is where the problem begins.

While cash might be the most convenient gift to give and the most economical gift to receive, realistically it can’t really be considered a gift.

Gifts that are meaningful. 

Take a little walk down memory lane.

Remember how excited you were to wake up on your birthday and open up all the gifts your parents had in store for you?

Christmas mornings were even better sometimes.

As you grew older, the types of gifts probably changed, but the excitement didn’t.

The first time you got a gift from your loved one.

The gift you received after passing an exam.

The first gift you gave your baby.

The anniversary gifts you gave your parents and grandparents.

When you reminise on these wonderful memories, do you ever think

“Oh it was a lot of cash…and they loved it?”

Every gift that you gave a loved one, mattered. There was something special about the gifts. Something personal and memorable. They were the kind of gifts people got excited over. It definitely wasn’t cash.

Gifts that are timeless. 

Most of us have little souvenirs from our early lives. Things we hold on to because they were gifted to us by someone we love.

No matter how rich we get or how much are taste in things evolve over time, some gifts remain to be the best of all, they are timeless.

Sometimes, they don’t have to be material gifts. Even holidays that we shared with our loved ones, experiences that we enjoyed with our friends…they are timeless too.

Giving someone the opportunity to embrace a new experience or own something that is timeless definitely goes a longer way than giving them cash.

Gifts that are special. 

Giving a parent cash as a gift assures that they never spend it on themselves.

They may see it as a great gift. However, it would be a gift that helps them buy something for their homes, or their children or parents.

Very rarely do we see people, especially parents and grandparents using cash gifts to buy something for their own enjoyment.

However, with a gift that is truly special, this can be avoided.

This is another reason to think twice before giving someone you love cash – as a gift.

Gifts that are never enough.

Giving cash as a gift always comes with the doubt ” Is it enough?”

There is no set standard of how much money you should give as a gift. Would giving too little make you look cheap? Would giving too much imply something else?

The struggle is very real. You never feel completely at ease when gifting cash.

In comparison, when you are giving a gift, or the opportunity to have an experience, this worry is eliminated.

Any little present would be considered a great gift!

What’s a gift that is meaningful, special, timeless and convenient?

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The problem of cash becoming too impersonal is solved and the worry of picking out the perfect gift is also eliminated.

Now you have a gift that everyone loves, both to give and to get!

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