It’s hard to pick one experience that you truly love. Similarly, it’s hard to gift one experience that we know our loved ones will truly enjoy. With the Infinity gift voucher we make sure that you wrap up as many experiences together and give them to the people you care about.

Multiple merchants in one partner network 

The general structure of a gift voucher in Sri Lanka is – one merchant, one time purchase. You buy a gift voucher from a particular store and present it to someone. That person has to use the entire voucher in one go, regardless of whether they want to or not.

With the Infinity Voucher we have brought over 20 leading brands in the country into one network. Each merchant offers the recipient of the voucher the opportunity to buy products, enjoy services or indulge in experiences that they like. It’s the recipient’s choice on how and where they want to redeem the gift voucher. We have partner merchants from a number of industries including Apparel, F&B, Jewellery, Tourism, Fitness and Personal Care.

Carry the balance forward and redeem it multiple times

Another exclusive feature of the infinity voucher is the ability to carry the balance forward. You can spend the voucher in multiple goes, and always monitor the balance via our website. For example, if you have a Rs. 10,000 voucher, you can spend Rs.5,400 at a clothing outlet, Rs. 2,500 at a salon, Rs. 1,100 at a restaurant, etc.

The QR code and/or numerical code will provide you access to your voucher’s activity. You can track your balance digitally and redeem it!

Choose your favourite merchant and the perfect time to visit them

Craving for a hotel getaway? Redeem a part of your Infinity Voucher.

Looking to buy new outfits? Redeem a part of your Infinity Voucher.

Want to get a new hair cut? Yes! You can get your hair cut by redeeming your Infinity Voucher.

You can give in to your cravings and moods to enjoy whatever you like whenever you feel like. This revolutionary gift voucher is all about you. You don’t have to use a voucher from a place you don’t enjoy, simply because you received it. With our extensive partner network, you will always have a brand that you love. An Infinity Voucher is valid for 3 years from it’s issue date!!!

The cherry on top 

The best part about the Infinity Voucher is the flexibility it offers. However, it only gets better from there. In addition to offering products from multiple merchants and the ability to redeem it multiple times, the Infinity voucher also gives you the chance to customize it.

The gift voucher you give your friend or loved one doesn’t have to look similar to what another person receives. You have the ability to customize it with pictures, stickers and captions.

Online or offline – it’s your pick

If the recipient of the gift is someone who is even a little tech savvy, you can get the voucher emailed it to them. This way, they don’t need to carry the gift voucher whenever they want to redeem it. They can access it on their smart phone and enjoy any experience that they like.

However, if you think the person would prefer a tangible voucher, all you have to do is tell us. You can either pick it up from our office or get it delivered to the person.

Ready. Set. Go.

Are you ready to spread infinite happiness through the one of a kind Infinity Voucher?

Visit us on our website and create a voucher today!

The process is simple and if you need any assistance, the guide featured on our website home page will help you out!