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What is an Infinity Voucher?
An Infinity Voucher is a gift voucher that can be redeemed in a range of outlets in multiple occasions. The voucher can be customized to suit the occasion (eg: Birthday, Wedding) as well as the special person (eg: Mother, Husband, work colleague) to whom the voucher is presented to. An Infinity Voucher is valid for 3 years from the issue date

Why should I buy an Infinity Voucher?
An Infinity Voucher is the ultimate “gift of choice”. Unlike a traditional voucher, you can make the special person you are gifting the voucher to feel “special” by personalizing the voucher. The recipient of your voucher can redeem it in outlets of his/her choice in multiple occasions for various amounts. An Infinity Voucher is valid for 3 years from the issue date
Where can I buy an Infinity Voucher?
Infinity voucher can be purchase online by visiting where you can personlize the voucher unlike a traditional voucher.
How can I purchase an Infinity Voucher?
You can purchase an Infinity Voucher conveniently by following these steps.
  • Step 1 - Customize your voucher
  • Step 2 - Decide the value of the voucher and the mode of gifting
  • Step 3 - Fill in the sender’s and recipient’s details
  • Step 4 - Checkout and pay
Who can I present an Infinity Voucher to?
ANYONE!!! The customizing facility provided by Infinity Voucher makes it possible for you gift a voucher to anyone of your choice.
Can I customize an Infinity Voucher?
Of course!!! The following customizing options are available:
  • Selecting a colour/design template
  • Adding a photo collage with photos of your choice
  • Inserting a wish where you can decide the font type, size and colour
  • Inserting photos directly from Facebook and Instagram
  • Add emojis to the design
Should I redeem the entire amount in my Infinity Voucher from one outlet?
Not at all!!! This is where an Infinity Voucher adds tremendous value over a traditional voucher. You can redeem an Infinity Voucher from multiple outlets in multiple occasions in blocks of Rs. 100.
What is the process of redeeming an Infinity Voucher?
Once you visit an outlet and select the items, you can scan your voucher/e-voucher using cashier's mobile phone and then select the amount you wish to redeem. The cashier will take care of the rest!
Can I transfer my Infinity Voucher to another person?
Yes you can. If you had received the voucher through email, you may simply forward it to the new recipient. If it is a printed voucher, simply hand it over to the new recipient. There is no requirement to inform us (Infinity Voucher Pvt Ltd) regarding such transfers.
How can I check the available balance in my Infinity Voucher?
Every Infinity Voucher (printed and electronic) will contain a 6 digit code called “Balance Code”. You are able to visit the “Check balance” area of the website (insert link), enter the digit and check the remaining balance.
What would happen if I lose my Infinity Voucher?
  • (A) E-voucher - If you accidently deleted the mail containing the voucher, you can simply request the person who gifted you the voucher to forward you the mail.
  • (B) Printed voucher - You should immediately contact the person that gifted you the voucher and request him/her to send us an email requesting for a cancellation. We shall then forward the payment link including the fee to reprint and deliver the voucher.

  • Email us at:
How do I prevent another person using my Infinity Voucher?
  • (A) E-voucher - Make sure that no one has access to your email inbox.
  • (B) Printed voucher - Make sure the voucher is kept safely in your possession and protected similar to how you would protect any other belonging (such as cash).
How do I offer the facility of redeeming Infinity Vouchers in my business?
Simply drop us a mail to and we would be extremely happy to get in touch with you.

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